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Personalized Apothecary Candy Jars Decorating Tips

Personalized apothecary candy jars are great way to decorate a home as well as enhance allure of an event or momentous occasion. From birthdays to weddings, kitchen shelves to bathroom sink, and just any part of a home’s interior or exterior, using these one-of-a-kind crystal containers make decorating fun and engaging. When thinking of having a way with one, these valuable ideas are truly noteworthy.

Create amazing wedding centerpieces with these artsy crystal containers. Generate a colorful ambiance by filling separate pieces with jellybeans and colored candies. Make use of fresh blooms to accentuate the design according to your theme. Alternatively, the glitter of semi-precious stones and beads will do its trick in illuminating reflection from candles lighting the dinner reception.

Design a lamp out of crystal-clear or carefully cutout apothecary jar. You can arrange a bespoke jar maker to do it for you or simply choose from wide-ranging catalog usually found in various online manufacturers. Not only will the crystal create a warm glow, it also provides an alluring appeal that is entirely your own.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Create an enticing spice rack by arranging various shapes and sizes of apothecary containers filled with spices and herbs. It will create a functional and decorative appeal rolled into one. Ancient apothecaries are renowned for their herbal use for spices and such where they carefully stock on airtight ceramic or glass containers like this one.

Lining up bathroom sinks these artful containers. Recreate the ambiance of a luxuriant spa retreat. Fill them with bath salts, makeup applicators, loofah, seashells, cotton balls and other bathroom essentials. Make it in such a way that its content will enhance the theme.

Also, use these as candle-holders. You can avoid boring or Gothic candle plates and candelabras but settle instead with its vibrant glow as reflected on the clear glass. Make use of rechargeable magic candles to guarantee a cleaner vibe. Apart from using it indoors, special occasions in gardens or patios are more romantic with these.

These are also great all-season decorating elements; fill each with distinguishing stuffs of a certain holiday. It may be old coins on New Year, cutout hearts on every Valentine, Easter eggs, Halloween scary items, dashing Christmas items and even potpourri for everyday aromatic ambiance. Indeed, personalized apothecary candy jars are great ways to decorate with flair. Search for candy jars online and look for coupons, sales and discounts to save money.