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Five Picks For Decorating Children’s Bedroom

There are so many fun activities you can do with your kids. Playing sports, camping, going to the beach and shopping are some of the family favorites. But did you know that decorating is also an enjoyable activity that parents and children can do together? You get to share your ideas and favorites. Why not invite your children to do some decorating work for their bedrooms? I’m sure they’ll love the idea of having a “new room” and more importantly, the tempting thought that this time, they’re the boss!

One idea for decorating a girl’s bedroom is the princess or royalty room. There’s no need for big space or grand furnishings. With key accents like satin and lace fabrics, plush seats, dramatic lighting fixtures, fancy jewels and the choice of color of your little girl, she can have her palace-like bedroom. What’s amazing is that she can sleep like her favorite fairy tale princess. Looking at storybooks might give her some ideas on what she would like to put in her room.

For boys on the other hand, a sought after theme is the animal design. Popular animal of choice is the dinosaur. Wow, who wouldn’t feel excited staying in a room full of dinosaurs! It’s like his own Jurassic Park. Toy dinosaurs, neutral or earth colors, potted and hanging plants will make his bedroom a dinosaur haven.

You might want to try to create a game room for your child. Start by painting each wall a different primary color. Next Glue the pieces on to several different board games. These will become art and you can hang them on the child’s walls. Just be sure to buy new games, your child may be disappointed if they can no longer play their favorite game.

Teenagers seem to enjoy rooms that are as colorful as they are. Try decorating their room with old records. You can hang the album covers on the walls. You can also create privacy curtains out of old vinyl records. You can add some cool lights to the room and maybe even a disco ball decoration. You’ll get the satisfaction of being the coolest parent on the block. At least for a day!

Music/Movies – this theme can even extend to teenage years. Music is universal and movies are extremely well-liked. If you choose a music theme, it would be nice to have a sound system albeit a simple one to meet the theme. CD or DVD racks, posters, a funky light and comfortable ottomans or settees will make the room the best place to listen to music or to watch movies.

Whatever your children choose, help them maintain their rooms by using functional things in the first place. With an area rug for example, they wouldn’t have a hard time scrubbing their floors clean. With multi-purpose furnishings, they can store items they accumulate over time without having to crowd their room with another cabinet or drawer and with sufficient lighting fixture, studying will be more convenient.