Hand Towels- Decorating The Guest Bathroom!

by , under Home Decor

It does not matter how immaculately decorated the house, how completely equipped with all the necessities. Even if everything, from the curtains, to the hand towels are of the very best quality, if one forgets to furnish the guest bathroom, everything else falls out of place. That is why decorating the guest bathroom is one of the most important features of home dcor.

One of the first things a guest to a home uses when in the bathroom is the guest hand towel. If one is missing altogether, the impression it makes can be disastrous. But even if present, it is necessary to make sure that it suits the environment and is of good quality. It is mandatory that the guest hand towel should match or aesthetically contrast the bathroom dcor including the fittings and tiles.

The market for guest hand towels is wide and popular. One can find guest hand towels in almost every design and print imaginable. It is important however, to make sure that the hand towel is of excellent quality as poor quality often shows after the first few uses. If the theme of the house is colourful and the same has been followed in the bathrooms, cheerful holiday prints or bright colours with bold prints are a good idea. If, however, it is a more classically decorated and elegantly furnished house, simple and dark colours will set well in the bathroom.

Placement of a guest hand towel is another important factor while designing the guest bathroom. Although bathrooms are by default designed to include a hand towel ring or a towel rack within easy reach of the wash area, one can improvise while decorating the same. Rolling the towels, tying with a loose ribbon or string, and keeping them in baskets near the wash basin give it an unused and clean and new feel. It gives the notion that that particular hand towel is brand new and kept specifically for the guest in question. It is not necessary to always hang the hand towel from the towel ring as expected.

To accentuate the design and colour of the hand towels one can purchase it as a set of bath towel and wash cloth, and place the latter neatly folded in the towel rack. This makes the guest hand towels fit in better with the bathroom.

Hand towels for guest, particularly the ones in the guest bathrooms, are essential in making the right impression on the guest.